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Simone Johnson 

Legal Assistant

Simone Johnson is a legal assistant who has been a part of the Pacem Tempestate team for a year. She began her journey as an intern and moved her way up with her strong work ethic and dedication. Prior to working at Pacem Tempestate, Simone did office work for three years, worked in retail for seven years, computer repair for four years, and child care for three years. In her free time Simone enjoys painting, video editing, listening to music, playing piano, fishing, and swimming. She also enjoys eating different foods and going out to eat. As a legal assistant, Simone assists in processing intake paperwork, billing, filing court documents, process of service filing, new client appointments, closing files, and policy creation. 

"I love that I get to work with people who respect me and help make boring tasks fun. The goals we have get accomplished as a team and I feel like the time I spend making the business better actually affects my life for the better as well. Overall, I feel like I get the freedom to create and learn in a happy environment where I am supported."

- Simone Johnson