Golden Steel Plate

 Miki Wayne 

Legal Intern

Miki Wayne grew up in Palo Alto, California and is currently a senior at The University of California, Davis. In June, Miki will graduate with degrees in Political Science and English/Creative Writing. Miki has previously worked as a writer for The California Aggie - UC Davis' student-run newspaper - and as a research assistant for a political science research project. At Pacem Tempestate, Miki hopes to understand more about the law and affirm whether or not she wants to attend Law School after she graduates. As a legal intern, Miki manages the Pacem Tempestate website, writes for our brand new blog, reaches out to potential new clients and processes intake paperwork. In her free time Miki likes to hang out with her roommates and work on creative writing projects. 

"My favorite thing about working at Pacem Tempestate Law is how helpful everyone is. My co-workers always make themselves available to assist me on new projects and always do so with smiles on their faces. I am also so appreciative to have so many female role models to look up to in the legal field. I am so proud to work for a firm that cares so deeply about their clients and genuinely puts their all into making every client feel safe and heard when they walk through our doors."

- Miki Wayne