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Golden Steel Plate


Assistant to the Attorney/Office Manager

Mercedes ray retired from the State of California in 2014, and came to Pacem Tempestate Law to help out, stay relevant and keep in contact with people. In her working life she was an Accounting manager and managed a special group of people who married their accounting skills with information technology skills. At Pacem Tempestate, Mercedes helps the Attorney, assists the clients and the staff and takes care of the facility. She is always here to help! Mercedes considers herself an empathetic, somewhat patient, and a great encourager, and works hard to bring all these qualities to our Pacem Family. In her free time, Mercedes enjoys quality time with her husband, family and close friends. Mercedes also makes it a priority to help encourage the women in her life, and loves learning from young people, especially the ones she meets at church. 

"I truly love everyone on the staff, and I admire and care for so many of the clients. I have seen lives completely changed! I am grateful! I love helping the clients walk through some very difficult times in their lives, and I am blessed to be doing something that helps people know that trouble and difficult times don't last forever. We do get through it. I also love encouraging the young people I work with. They are, each one of them, amazing!"

- Mercedes 

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