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Olivia 'Via' Abassa - Olivia Abassa.jpg
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Olivia 'Via' Abassa

Lead Law Clerk/Practicing Law Student

Olivia 'Via' Abassa was born in Florida and raised in East Africa. Wanting to be an attorney her entire life, she began her journey to law in undergraduate school where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Jacksonville University. She later worked as a Courtroom Clerk before earning her Masters of Arts in Law from Regent University School of Law. Olivia's ultimate goal is to be able to practice internationally, so she earned a Master of Science in Legal Translation (French>English>French) from NYU. She has earned her jd from Inter-American Law School of Puerto Rico. Olivia began working at Pacem Tempestate when it first opened as one of two employees. She began as a secretary and moved her way up. she assists the attorney by doing trials and hearings and takes on any and all pro bono clients. 

"The greatest thing about working at Pacem is the ability I have to learn different areas of law, and learn the law freely. The office is a family and we all work together to achieve one goal. To provide peace to people in the midst of what feels and seems like a storm. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch the firm grow over the last years. I enjoy being in the office and seeing all the new faces and positive energies coming together."

- Olivia Abassa

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