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 Lauryn Robinson 

Law Clerk

Lauryn Robinson was raised in Elk Grove and has well-established roots within the community. She is one of 4 siblings to graduate within the Elk Grove Unified School District. Once graduated from high school, she remained in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area and completed two years at Sacramento City College. She then transferred to University of California, Davis where she majored in Sociology with emphasis in Law and Society. Having long aspirations of wanting to become an attorney, she attended McGeorge School of Law. After doing an internship in criminal law and being a discovery clerk in a civil law firm, Lauryn found her home in family law at Pacem Tempestate Law. In her free time Lauryn enjoys performing arts and volunteers in Elk Grove as a dance choreographer. She also enjoys reading, spending time with her family, going to professional sports games (49er and Warrior fan), and exploring the different restaurants in Sacramento. She is also a part of the Black Girl Social Club – Sacramento Chapter. As a law clerk, Lauryn gets to work on a variety of topics assigned to her such as Adoption, Conservatorships, Dissolutions, and restraining orders.