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Founding Attorney

Angelina Ray, Esq.

Founding Attorney

Golden Steel Plate

Pacem Tempestate Law, APC practices family law, employment law, and civil litigation. We work extensively in family law matters involving child custody and divorce. Our focus is centered around meeting the needs and desired outcome of each clients while supporting the best interests of the child. Pacem Tempestate Law, APC is willing to travel to help you. We have traveled nationally on behalf of our clients.

In terms of employment law, we have worked on both sides of the aisle, representing employees who have been wrongfully terminated, and employers who need to defend against frivolous labor complaints. Pacem Tempestate Law, APC looks forward to working with you.


J.D.    2015 Regent University

M.A.  Government 2015 Regent University

M.A.  Theology 2007 Fuller Theological

B.A.   Theology & Philosophy 2004 Creighton University 


-Administered to California State Bar & Federal Eastern District of California. 

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