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our vision

At Pacem Tempestate Law, APC we strive to create a peaceful resolution to high stress and highly conflicted

family law issues.

our mission

The mission of Pacem Tempestate Law, APC is to bring individuals facing family litigation to wholeness.  To do this, we will offer services for clients that are in-depth, integrative, supportive and structured.  Our goal is to bring peace to the storm the client is facing and support long term resolution to legal issues.

our culture

The culture of Pacem Tempestate Law, APC is one of healing and wholeness.  Each person who is a part of the Pacem Tempestate Law team will support you through the challenges you are facing.  Our goal is to bring peace to every client interaction.  We understand the stress you are facing and want to support you in reaching swift and appropriate resolution.

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